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The Traverse City State Hospital, also known as the Northern Michigan Asylum, was a psychiatric hospital located in Traverse City, Michigan, in the United States. It was constructed in the late 19th century, opening its doors in 1885, and was in operation for over a century, finally closing in 1989.

The hospital was designed by architect Gordon W. Lloyd in the Kirkbride Plan style, which was a popular architectural style for psychiatric hospitals at the time. It featured a central administration building flanked by two wings, which were connected to several other buildings on the campus. The hospital had a sprawling campus that covered over 1,000 acres and was designed to provide a therapeutic environment for patients.

The hospital was known for its innovative treatment methods and was one of the first institutions to adopt a patient-centered approach to care. It had a progressive philosophy, which focused on the rehabilitation of patients rather than just their confinement. The hospital was also known for its horticultural therapy program, which allowed patients to work on the hospital’s farm and gardens as a form of therapy.

In the mid-20th century, the hospital faced overcrowding, which led to a decline in the quality of care. The hospital began to focus more on custodial care than rehabilitation, which resulted in a decline in patient outcomes. The hospital also faced financial difficulties, which led to the closure of several of its buildings.

Today, many of the hospital’s original buildings remain standing and have been repurposed for other uses, such as housing and retail spaces. The hospital’s main building has been renovated and is now the Village at Grand Traverse Commons, a mixed-use development that includes residential, retail, and office space. The hospital’s legacy lives on, and it is remembered as an important institution in the history of mental healthcare in the United States.

A digital download product that shows the abandoned Traverse City State Hospital is a high-resolution fine art photograph.

The photograph captures the haunting beauty of the abandoned hospital complex and is available for purchase as a digital download. The image focuses on one of the iconic buildings of the complex, such as the main administration building or one of the patient wings. The building appears weathered and worn, with cracks in the brickwork and broken windows, and is surrounded by overgrown trees and plants.

The digital download is a high-resolution file, ensuring that the image can be enjoyed with the highest level of detail and clarity. The file is typically available in various sizes, allowing customers to choose the perfect size for their needs.

The digital download is perfect for those interested in urban exploration, photography, and architecture. It can be easily downloaded and printed at home, making it a convenient and affordable way to own a piece of fine art photography. It can be printed on a range of materials, including canvas, paper, and metal, and displayed in a range of settings, from homes and offices to galleries and exhibition spaces.

The digital download is a great way to bring the haunting beauty of the abandoned Traverse City State Hospital into any space, serving as a reminder of the unique history and architecture of this iconic landmark.

Traverse City State Hospital an INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. One of TTV’s characteristics is the square format. It’s also known for the grit and dirty edges and rounded corners. Looks great when placed in a square matted frame.

> 6×6 file for printing.
> Each file is a high resolution(300 dpi) JPEG digital file.

> Print from home.
> Online or bring a USB to your local print shop and have it printed on high quality print paper.
> Use an online service to print the image.

> This is an INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD and NO physical print/or frame will be shipped to you. However you can print it out as many times as you like
> License is for personal use only: This digital file can be printed for personal use or for a gift, but NOT TO BE SOLD or SHARED. Artwork is copyright of Kendra Portnova.

Color may differ slightly due to various screen and printing settings on computers/monitors.
*** There are No REFUNDS on digital downloads unfortunately.
If there is an instant where you are not satisfied, simply send a convo or email and we will do our best to make you a satisfied customer.
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